6th Workshop of “uneven-aged silviculture” IUFRO group in Shizuoka(2008)

10月24日から始まる、6th Workshop of "uneven-aged silviculture" IUFRO group in Shizuoka(2008)で発表します!

Takuo Nagaike; Effects of elevation on tree species composition in Larix kaempferi plantations and natural forests in central Japan

Seiji Matsuzaki,Takuo Nagaike,Kunihiro Seido; An approach for transformation from Abies veitchii plantations to mixed forests in the northern foothills of Mt. Fuji, central Japan

Seiji Matsuzaki,Teruhiko Kawahara; Effects of light condition on natural regeneration of Chamaecyparis obtusa in the plantations in central Japan

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